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29 Fully Funded MFA Creative Writing Programs

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Tuition-Free MFA Programs

Have you been considering an MFA program but are worried about the high tuition costs? Maybe you’ve simply ruled a graduate degree out because of the typical costs associated with them. Well, would you consider pursuing one if it was extremely affordable? Potentially free?

If you’re a debt-conscious writer that does want to receive a terminal degree in creative writing, there are options out there for you that would provide you with a “tuition-free” education. Many programs offer fully-funded tuition reimbursements for all incoming students. Others accept students with teaching assistantships or tuition fellowships to offset costs.

Below is our comprehensive list of MFA Creative Writing programs that offer fully funded options or tuition reimbursement plans to render your degree “free.”

Important Note: Schools periodically change their tuition costs and offerings. Please do your own research on any particular program that you’re considering to confirm that they are still offering a free path to a degree.

29 Fully Funded Creative Writing Programs

1. University of California, Irvine

2. Eastern Washington University

3. Georgia College

4. Johns Hopkins College

5. North Carolina State University

6. Northwestern University

7. Ohio State University

8. Oregon State University

9. San Jose State University

10. Texas State University

11. University of Arizona

12. University of California, San Diego

13. University of Idaho

14. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

15. University of Iowa

16. University of Kansas

17. University of Kentucky

18. University of Miami

19. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

20. University of Notre Dame

21. University of Mississippi

22. University of Texas, Austin

23. University of Texas, Michener

24. University of Wisconsin, Madison

25. Virginia Commonwealth University

26. Virginia Tech

27. Washington University

28. West Virginia University

29. Wichita State University

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