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35 Best Writing Tools You’ll Use Every Day

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Are you struggling to concentrate? Are creative ideas just not coming so naturally to you now that you’re fifty pages in? Do you need a writing community for feedback? What about some editing advice? Or are you ready to publish that work of art? Whatever it is, all writers face these distractions that prevent or delay their inevitable future publication date.

Although we’ve covered a handful of book writing software tools to help you organize your work, there are many other options to focus your writing in various ways. Wherever you are in your writer’s journey, here are helpful writing tools to limit distractions, enhance creativity, find an editor or online community, and get published.

Limit Your Writing Distractions with

1. Todoist

2. Cold Turkey


4. The Most Dangerous Writing App

5. Nanowrimo

6. FocusMe

Looking for more information about how to improve your focus with one of these resources? Read our blog here.

Get your creative ideas organized with

1. A plain ol’ Moleskine notebook

2. Note-taking smart phone apps (Apple Notes)

3. Evernote

4. Notion

5. Canva

6. Scapple

7. Typora

8. Ulysses

9. Liternauts

10. Shorthand

Find your writing community with

1. Scribophile

2. Wattpad

3. Hollihock

4. Underlined

5. 4theWords

6. Tapas

7. Novellic

8. BookMachine

9. LitHive

Receive editing services for your creative writing with…

1. Grammarly

2. Hemingway

3. Cliche Finder

4. Reedsy

5. Wattpad

6. AutoCrit

7. Hollihock

Get your stories published with…

1. Duotrope

2. Submittable

3. AgentQuery

4. QueryTracker

5. KDP

6. Blurb

7. Lulu

Do you have an author platform? Learn how to become a successful writer with our step-by-step how-to guide here.

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