• Denise Willson
      March 13, 2020 at 9:26 pm

      “Denise is a world-class editor. I am confident that any writer hiring her will be well served. She brought a level of passion and precision to my project that exceeded all expectations. Her ability to balance style considerations with technical polish was inspiring, and everything she suggested was in the spirit of working as a team to ensure the work was the best it could be. I am much happier with my book as a result of Denise’s help, and recommend her without hesitation.”
      – Mark H Fitzpatrick, Author of Made Of Stars

      “Denise produces exceptional work. Not only is she amazingly talented but her commitment to the work exudes the moment you speak with her. Denise came highly recommended by my publisher for my developmental and copy editing needs. Being I was a first-time author, it was the utmost importance I hired an editor who would see the gems among the mess and point out areas I could improve. I not only trusted Denise with keeping the integrity of my message, but she met all our deadlines, and her attention to detail was outstanding. Denise’s guidance, patience, and natural editing skills were instrumental in making my book what it is today. Without a doubt, I will be hiring Denise for my next book, and I suggest any author looking for an exceptional editor call Denise.”
      – Michelle Pena, Author of The B.E.A.U.T.Y Within

      Hello, I am Dee Willson, professional editor, and writer of speculative fiction with literary bent. I have been writing seriously for over two decades and have become very involved in the writing community both in person and online. I have written several full-length novels and am currently working on two new manuscripts. I am represented by Westwood Creative Artists literary agency.

      Author of A Keeper’s Truth, a full-length novel traditionally published (and contracted), published May 1st, 2016, in hardcover, paperback, and e-book form. Available everywhere books are sold, both in-store and online: Indigo, Chapters, Coles, Barnes & Noble, Walmart U.S., Amazon Canada, Amazon U.S., Amazon U.K., Smashwords, Sony iBooks, Kobo, Google, Book Depository, BAM!, Wordery, and many more.

      Author of GOT (Gift of Travel). GOT was written to spotlight a flaw in human nature. How we abuse the world around us, our commodities, nature, each other. The GOT world is our world, altered, seen through the eyes of a young woman who is born with the gift of travel. As the country’s most powerful resource, Gots are also modern-day slaves in a world bent on hierarchy, with no regard for who or what this power destroys. Ultimately, GOT is the story of the power of one to make change. And how change starts within.
      Contributing writer to Author In Progress, an award-winning craft book published in 2017.
      Author of The Dark Side Of Serendipity, a short story published for pay.
      Author of Thorns on Yellow Roses, a short story published for pay.
      Freelance feature writer for four magazines including Our Homes Magazine.
      Contributing author to Writer Unboxed, voted the best website for authors 2009 through 2017. Also contributing author to The Writers Thread, DIY MFA, Quick Brown Fox, and dozens of other online sites with a focus on the craft of writing.
      Paid corporate and legal writing, including editorial work.

      Winner of Kobo’s 2017 BEST EMERGING AUTHOR AWARD for A Keeper’s Truth, June 26th, 2017.
      Awarded ‘Top Pick’ author by the Burlington Library Board for A Keeper’s Truth, and one of ‘Celebrating Canadian Authors for Canada’s 150th.’
      Bookish pick for Spring 2016 Best Reads.
      The Reading List pick by the American Library Association. The American Library Association created The Reading List to highlight outstanding genre fiction that merit special attention by general adult readers and the librarians who work with them.
      Amazon, Indigo, and Kobo bestseller lists, as well as high-sale book signing events at Indigo, Chapters, Different Drummer Books, and Coles stores across Ontario.

      WINNER OF KOBO’S 2017 BEST EMERGING AUTHOR AWARD! Author Kelley Armstrong, Kobo’s 2017 Best Emerging Author Award judge for speculative fiction, says….”A Keeper’s Truth strikes a fine balance for genre fiction, finding freshness within the conventions. The plot finds an equal balance between research and imagination, while never sacrificing characterization.”

      KIRKUS REVIEW….“With a generous wit that readers should savor, Willson presents Tess as a damaged woman desperate to heal…. The author also spreads her love and knowledge of ancient civilizations on nearly every page…. Yet as Willson unfurls more of her world, her series’ immense potential proves irresistible.”

      5 STAR READER’S FAVORITE REVIEW…. “A Keeper’s Truth by Dee Wilson is an intriguing novel that explores some of the myths that date back to antiquity. I think it is an amazing story, and I appreciate the way that Dee Wilson approaches these controversial mythical lands. I didn’t feel like I was reading some fantastical fantasy, but rather a historical review… I found this book enjoyable and entertaining, and I highly recommend it to those who have an interest in ancient lost civilizations and how these affect us today. It is a marvelous story and I am looking forward to reading the sequel.”

      Industry Reviews….”A born storyteller who draws us into her world with accomplished writing, novels that touch our hearts and endings that leave us breathless.”
      —D.J. McIntosh, Award Winning Author of The Witch of Babylon

      “Dee Willson’s characters cast shadows sharp enough to make even the most jaded reader uneasy. She juxtaposes comfort with peril and the beautiful with the grotesque until the simplest gestures are disquieting and the only way out is forward.”
      —Rob Brunet, Author of Stinking Rich

      “When Driven Press first received the manuscript for A Keeper’s Truth from Dee Willson, we read the first page and knew that this was the kind of book we started this business for. Dee has a wonderful storytelling voice, and her dedication to fine tuning a manuscript to be the best that it can be showed in her submission. It’s so wonderful to work with someone who values taking time to publish a book we hope readers will pick up again and again and become a favourite in their libraries.”
      —Driven Press, BK Publishing

      “Dee Willson is a born story-teller. Her worlds are freshly invented, meticulously considered, and richly told. With GOT she’s created a remarkably original world that looks like ours but isn’t ours at all; while A Keeper’s Truth dazzles us with an entirely human protagonist and a love interest who is anything but. In all her work she manages to offer what we all want: surprise and delight and laughter, a remarkable achievement.”
      —Catherine Luttinger, Agent, Darhansoff & Verrill, New York

      “From her masterful openings to her gut-wrenching finales, Dee Willson writes lush, imaginative stories. Her skill as a craftsman, whose perfect word choices are complimented by her talent for spellbinding plots and memorable characters. I’ve carved out a special place on my bookshelf for her current novels and plenty of of space for those yet to come.”
      —Tanis Mallow, Author

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