Just as a lighthouse guides ships, helping them navigate the difficult shores, Beacon Point will guide you—helping you navigate the difficulties of writing.

No matter which service you use, you will walk away with a brighter future.

●Fiction (YA speculative, mystery/thriller, and middle grade)
●Nonfiction (self-help books and some general nonfiction)
●Authors' and Business Professionals' Biographies
●Website Content
●Resumes, Cover Letters, and Personal Statements

●Resumes, Cover Letters, and Personal Statements
●Authors' and Business Professionals' Biographies

●Resume Writing

●Resume Writing
●Academic Writing
●Authors' Resources (help with fiction and nonfiction book writing)


Editing: dependent on the depth of editing needed determined by a sample edit:

  • Copyediting (includes line editing) only: $0.015–$0.025 per word
  • Substantive (developmental) editing only: $0.02–$0.04
  • Combined package: $0.025–$0.05

Content Writing: 

  • Half-page bio or professional statement: $45
  • Full-page bio or professional statement: $80
  • Multi-page bio or professional statement: $160—200, depending on page length
  • Resume: $80
  • Cover Letter: $60
  • Both resume and cover letter: $120



  • Completed professional editing courses (see course list)
  • Edited over 90 books, 6 websites, 7 business documents, 35 resumes and cover letters, 17 biographies, and 4 personal statements.
  • Wrote over 40 resumes, 20 book descriptions, 18 biographies, and 3 personal statements
  • Member of Editorial Freelance Association
  • Earned my bachelor's in English education


"Katie greatly exceeded my expectations as an editor. Her sharp eye for small errors and her ability to give the book a 10,000-foot view with regard to the general organization of the material were critical for me in putting out the best book possible on my topic. I always felt like she was in my corner and was invested in our ability together to produce a quality book. I’ll certainly be reaching out to her again." (Cindy, religious book)

"The difference between the manuscript I handed to Katie and the one she handed back after she was done was night and day. I’d be ashamed to give away the raw manuscript for free. Now I’ve got a book worth reading and something I’m proud to put my name on. Katie is a professional and you can see it in her work. She’s incredible at not only finding errors in grammar and punctuation but her ability to find holes in the plot, character development, and the overall flow of a fictional work (all while maintaining the voice of the author) is where she really shines." (Cody, fiction book)

I was struggling writing a bio for my website. Katie was able to capture my thoughts and did an amazing job writing a bio that highlighted my personalty and strengths. (Sonya, professional bio)


If you would like me to complete a sample edit for you, could you please go to the editing page on my website, then to the appropriate client page, and click on request sample edit? That form will collect all the information I need to give you an accurate price quote and timeline.

To contact me about the possibility of writing some content for you, go to my content writing page and click on contact me about your project.


Utah State University, Logan, UT, USA

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