How It Works

How It Works

Hollihock is a community of like-minded writers and readers sharing events, services, and resources with each other. It’s a resource for organizations and individuals to find out and launch writing events.

Why Join?

Hollihock offers a FREE platform for you to connect with the larger global writing community. Whether you’re a writer or an organization, expanding your presence on Hollihock will only lead to opportunities, more event registrations, networking, and connecting you more with like-minded individuals. It’s also the most comprehensive website to find what you’re looking for.

For individuals, Hollihock provides you with the resources and tools to pursue your writing career. For organizations, Hollihock provides you with a platform to share events, manage your operations, gain a larger audience, and promote your events.

What events and resources are searchable?

Event Types

Book clubs, classes, virtual events, conferences, writing groups, and readings.

Organizational Types

Currently we support educational institutions, book clubs, libraries, bookstores, retreats, residencies, writing programs, and freelance editorial services.

Create an Account


Free Features

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, creating a free account is super simple. We only require you to submit your name and email address. After that, you’ll be able to choose your Hollihock user name and password. That’s it.



A free account allows you to search all resources, organizations, events, universities, retreats, residencies, book your favorites, launch events, and attend events.

What it DOESN’T offer you are the ability to create a storefront, track your submissions, book promotions, tour features, or launch virtual events.


Premium Features

A premium account allows an individual or organization a little more freedom and control over their operations. Organizations can accept direct bookings, manage submissions, launch free and paid virtual events. Individuals can track their submissions, launch free and paid virtual events, and leverage booking and promotional tools. Both can integrate a storefront, membership dues, selling various merchandise, books, t-shirts, literary magazines, etc.

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Search Functions

Hollihock has a dynamic search function on the homepage that quickly allows you to find what you’re looking for, whether based on a name, location, or event. Once a search is performed, you can drill down even further by specifying listing types, categories, tags, locations, etc.


Advanced Search Functions

Choose a Listing Type

Once on the advanced search page, there are many ways to find what you’re looking for. But it all starts with the “Listing Type.”

Once a listing type is chosen, specifying a category, region, tag, or order will display the specific drilled-down search results for what you’re looking for.

If you would prefer to search a listing type by an associated category, click on the “Categories” button and you’ll be able to search by broad topics.


Additionally, you can also search by multiple “Categories” by selecting more than one in the drop-down menu to refine your search.

Bookmarks and Reviews

Hollihock has a dynamic search function that quickly allows you to find what you’re looking for. You can drill down, search types of listings, events, etc.

Save a Bookmark

To bookmark a resource, simply click the “Bookmark” button on any organization’s profile.

View Your Bookmarks

To view all of your bookmarks, go to your Dashboard and click “Bookmarks.”


Remove a Bookmark

If you would like to remove a bookmark, go to your Dashboard, click “Bookmarks” and then “Remove Bookmark.” You can also remove a bookmark by visiting the particular page and clicking the “Bookmark” button again.

Add a Review

Hollihock allows you to review any resource on the website to help other writers understand your experience with a particular event, writing service, organization, class, or writing program. We recommend all writing students review their alma mater!

If you would like to add a review, simply submit it on the particular organization’s profile page.

These reviews are then publicly viewable by anyone visiting the page that you’ve reviewed. If you would like to read other Hollihock user’s reviews, click on “Reviews” on any particular profile page to display all of the user-submitted reviews.


Launch an Event

Before creating an event, make sure that you are choosing the proper “Event Type” in the drop-down menu.

Choose an Event Type


If you are hosting a one-on-one mentoring session, choose this event type.



If you are hosting a conference or book fair, choose this event type.



If you are hosting a course or class, whether virtual or in person, choose this event type.



If you are hosting a book reading, choose this event type.

Book Club

If you are hosting a book club, choose this event type.



If your event will be taking place online and not in a physical location, choose this event type.


Event Details

Once an “Event Type” is picked, you’ll need to fill out the general information, images, contact information, location, and event details (such as if the event is free or paid).

Approval Process

Once an event is submitted, Hollihock will approve the listing within 24 hrs. At that point, it will be live on the website and on your profile for the entire Hollihock community to search and find.


Edit Listing

If at any point you need to make changes to an event or listing that’s already published, you can go to your Dashboard, My Listings, and then click “Edit” next to the one you’re looking to update.

An alternative method is to go to the live page and click on the tiny pencil next to the listing name.

Promote Your Listing

Once you’ve created your event and it has been approved, you have the ability to promote it on the Hollihock homepage for 30 days. You’ll need to return to your Dashboard, click on My Listings, and then click the “Promote” button. Once the promotional package is chosen, it will bring you to a checkout cart to submit your payment and then your event will be displayed as a promoted post on the homepage.


Hollihock has many integrations that we’re constantly rolling out to work best for what writers and readers need. Below are a few of our most popular integrations that you can customize and connect to your profiles.



If your event happens to have an associated Zoom link, add the URL.


Facebook Feed

If you would like to connect your Facebook feed to display on your organization’s profile or event, you can add your URL to the section mentioned in the space provided. 

Note: Include ONLY the COMPANYNAME text to the Facebook Page ID when adding it to your profile.



If you’re a freelancer, a mentor, or are looking to screen applicants, Hollihock allows you to display a Calendly widget for interested individuals to book a time slot directly with you, add your URL. Simply include your full Calendly profile link in the box provided.


If you would like to connect your Submittable open submissions to your organization’s profile or event, add your URL section mentioned in the space provided.


If you would like to feature a YouTube video prominently on a page to better highlight your event or organization, add the URL in the “Featured YouTube” slot.

Booking Tool

If you’re a residency or a retreat that openly accepts writers at a daily rate, Hollihock allows users to select a date range and request retreats directly from you. You handle the availability, we process the payments. For interested businesses, please reach out to [email protected]


Develop a Store

Apply as a “Vendor” here.

Request a Feature

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