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We’re adding listings every week to our database and building out the most comprehensive resource for artists, but if we’re missing something, add it! If you’re starting something new, build it on Hollihock! You’re able to create listings and manage all of the aspects of each page. But make sure you’re a registered user first!


If you're an organization looking to host events, services, retreats, residencies, and/or products, create a PLACE. Additional listings can be created and associated with your profile.


Create a PRIVATE RETREAT listing if an artist can pay a price per day/week/month to stay at your getaway. Create a RESIDENCY if there is an application process, due date, and the getaway is free. If you're not sure, email us!


Are you an editor? Graphic designer? Literary agent? We allow our users to create a SERVICE that other Hollihock members can inquire about. Note: we currently only support Calendly as the booking tool.

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