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Hollihock is a platform of tools for writers and professionals to manage their lives. We are creating a comprehensive e-commerce platform for writers and artists to grow their careers, with a robust submission manager tool for educational institutions, organizations, and industry professionals that are looking to easily manage their operations.


In 2015, I graduated from an MFA writing program and immediately wanted to go back. I missed the camaraderie, craft discussions, and deep friendships that I had developed over the years. Although writing is a lonely pursuit, having a supportive community is so important to a writer’s growth. So I developed the Hollihock Writers Conference to lets others experience what I had at a price accessible for anyone to take part. Because improving your writing skills shouldn’t come at a hefty price.

Since founding the Hollihock Writers Conference in 2015, I’ve learned a lot about what support individuals and organizations are looking for. More and more, writers are asked to have an author platform and promote their own works without much support. As I started to think about my own journey as a writer, I realized how hard it was to find and access information. So I began to develop a single solution to support any writer, from beginner to pro.


Hollihock is more than just a conference. We are setting out to rebuild an industry that is in dire need of a platform for writers and professionals to improve, educate, and manage their careers. Join us!


First and foremost, I am an aspiring author. I have received a few accolades, been published a few times, and have been seeking a literary agent for my three unpublished speculative fiction novels. Get at me if you’re interested in representing me!

More importantly, I am a writer that understands how hard it is to make a career out of it. My goal is to make it easier for anyone to pursue that passion with the least amount of friction. Because I have personally struggled to find all of this information that I am providing to others.

I received an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. I have founded the Hollihock Writers Conference. I was an founding member of Bandsintown (sold to Cellfish). I have also worked professionally in the music industry, at non-profit human services, in venture capital, and various other tech startups.

Most recently, I was at a venture capital firm helping them grow to be one of the most active VCs in the U.S. I managed a production team of five that oversaw email fundraising communications, newsletters, social media, graphic design, branding, and editorial content.

Now, I’m building the most comprehensive platform for you to advance your writing career! When I’m not working on Hollihock (or writing!), I’m making music, biking, or restoring vintage audio equipment.


Dominic Perri

CEO + Founder


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